Weasel Coffee Ltd Background

Simple story, really!

After a business trip to Vietnam, one of the, now owners of Weasel Coffee, became heavily addicted to the unique taste of the Local Coffee. Yep, Weasel Coffee! So to handle the forever increasing burden of debt that it took to support his habit, he kindly decided to share this addiction by selling it to you, the New Zealand Coffee Loving Public. So what are you waiting for?? Become an Addict!

Information provided by Wikipedia.

Weasel Coffee NZ imports Vietnamese Arabica coffee that is roasted in a unique way to taste just like its been to the dark side and back.

Sourcing the genuine Weasel Coffee is difficult and expensive, so we only bring in Vietnamese Weasel Coffee which is roasted in a special way to taste similar to the real thing.

Vietnamese Weasel is a dark colour, with a rich crema when used in Espresso machines, and a thick liquor when put through a dripper.

Our product is imported direct from Vietnam.